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I don’t know about you but when it comes to mornings, first things first…and absolutely nothing beats a good cup of coffee.

Since the advent of the beautiful bean mankind has long plumbed the depths of how and what can be done to help with the taste. From grinding it to powder, or lightly ground, and even whole beans covered in chocolate shells, the ways coffee is used and enjoyed is as vast as the great cultures that exist in the wide world. Some like adding lots of sugar, flavors, and even ice cream! An espresso shot mixed with some french vanilla ice cream possibly borders on other-worldly. But day-in and day-out, For myself, I like it black and the blacker the better.

That first sensory blast of freshly ground coffee in the wee morning hours is all it takes for me to begin to think positively about the day’s plans. And when I say black, I mean black. I use EarthFirstCoffee’s Ignea Natural Washed beans to fill my grinder and then it’s on! Rather than using a traditional coffee maker I load up my espresso maker and run the cycle three times to get the most amazing cup of the strongest black coffee.

Arturo, Marco, & Taylor have teamed up to create EarthFirstCoffees featuring Mexico-sourced Ignea all-organic coffees at this time of writing. The vision behind the effort has much to do with the way Arturo has valued the land, an heartfelt love for the traditional farming practices and care for the earth. Working the soil and caring for the trees in a very hands-on way, using minimal machine processing, rather than mass production the coffee is literally “hand-processed”, in the age-old tradition which leads to a delightful bean, filled with flavor and savory aromas…there are three striking varieties available on the website from which one may choose.

Consider giving some a try today, and we won’t judge you by how you enjoy it!