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Flagship Brand Direct from Mexico

Premium Arabica Whole Bean Coffee grown in the cloud forests of Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Family-owned and operated Ígnea Coffee proudly offers our customers premium, award-winning sustainably produced organic coffee.

Our plantations are pesticide-free, growing handpicked beans in the cloud forests of Jilotepec, Vera Cruz then roasted in small batches in Cholula, Puebla. The soul of the coffee lies in our dedication to preserving the health of our environment.  

Sustainable farming practices carefully guard our soil and essential minerals of the land and respect the natural water cycles of the microclimate.  Our care for the environment increases the biodiversity of indigenous plant, animal, and insect species. 

Ígnea Specialty Coffee is processed in 3 ways:

Natural, Washed, Honey

Meet the Founder of Ígnea Coffee

Arturo Ortega

Arturo developed his passion for high quality sustainable coffee while interacting and learning with Indigenous growers from Oaxaca, Morelos and Veracruz for many years. Arturo has dedicated the last 35+ years of his life to bring development projects to areas suffering from the pressures of poverty, migration, and environmental stress. Arturo founded and directs the non-profit International Center for Sustainability in Tecuanipan, MX where he shares his ideals and practices with local and International groups, mentoring the next generation of sustainability leaders. 

In 2011 Arturo and his family began Ígnea Coffee and founded Sustainable Origins Coffee Farm in Vista Hermosa, Veracruz.  Here, Arturo, his family and the local farm workers take care of the cloud forest utilizing the best sustainable practices to achieve award winning seed-to-cup coffees.

Ígnea’s Sustainable Farming Methods: 

We strive to preserve the integrity of the cloud forest in which we grow our coffees.  Only sustainable practices take place at our plantations.    We intertwine our high quality varieties from Typica, Bourbon, Caturra and Mondo Novo with the more exotic, Pacamara, Java, Kaffa, Geisha, Dessie, Sarchimor and Catimor to have a great variety of exceptional coffee beans. In the last 5 years we have planted over 10,000 coffee, bamboo, cacao, and nut trees to add diversity to the cloud forest as well as promoting the growth of local trees.

Ígnea’s Sustainable Harvesting Methods: We follow high quality protocols using hand striping and selective harvesting (ripe and over ripe cherries).  We then control fermentation with dry, hybrid and wet processing to obtain a wide spectrum of rich flavors, as well as clean and complex cups. We slow shade dry our coffees on beds in Puebla, MX where the climate is dry and cool. We also do only small batch harvest and process each micro-nano batch.  

Ígnea’s Roasting Methods: Our roasting uses the latest tracking and color tracking protocols to find a perfect balance for each particular style of coffee.  Our roasting methods deliver a true expression of the terroir, genetic material and controlled fermentation.