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You’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a thousand times. Some blonde haired, white girl saying she can’t live without her Starbucks coffee. You might actually be that blonde haired white girl. If so, sorry… I mean you no offense. 

Anyways, the point I’m getting at is that coffee is huge. Positively massive. Everyone loves it and can’t seem to get enough. In my embarrassingly small home town we have 3 Starbucks, 4 solo coffee houses, and at least 5 different restaurants serving the stuff like it’s crack. People drink it like it’s crack too so I guess there’s a market. 

But is it really the coffee everyone keeps coming back for? I would propose that it is in fact, the fats and sugars. Especially the sugars.  

Think about it, what kind of coffee drink do you normally purchase? Probably a latte, with some flavor, maybe a mocha, or an americano with cream. Those are the three most popular orders I get when I work at my church’s coffee stand (they’re druggies too I guess) besides non coffee orders like Italian sodas and Red Bulls. 

So if we really look at the “numbers” (which won’t be sourced below) I would say that most people drink coffee for the energy, but become addicted because of the sugar. I mean, who can blame them? Sugar is literally as addictive as cocaine. I’m not trying to be funny. There’s studies on that. 

The only person I know who may have an actual addiction to straight black coffee is my dad. That guy will go through 5 or so mugs a day and be as cool as a cucumber. He’s the exception, not the rule. 

His favorite roast at the moment comes from the one and only!  😉