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Our Story

Marco, Taylor, and Arturo are close friends with a passion for premium products sourced from ethically conscious methods.  The three have collaborated on a few projects, including Earth First Coffees, creating a platform that supports like-minded coffee producers, farmers, and roasters. The core value of Earth First Coffees is sustainability; for the environment and communities.  

On a similar note, the friends are also collaborating on Zea Spirits, liquors locally produced from Mexican heritage corn.  This is a bio-cultural project, driven by sustainable ideals, to conserve the thousands of year-old endemic corn that is the identity of Mexico and its people.


Ethically sourced coffee, traceable from the seed to the cup

Sustainable farming practices carefully guard our soil and essential minerals of the land and respect the natural water cycles of the microclimate.  Our care for the environment increases the biodiversity of indigenous plant, animal, and insect species.

The best coffee on the planet

Every purchase of an Earth First Coffee supports our efforts towards a healthier environment and a more equitable society.